Why Chicago Makes Me Happy!

Seattle is home, but y’all, Chicago is my happy place. This week, I’m sharing with you why Chicago is my “second city,” and some of my favorite places to go, in case you find yourself visiting this beautiful city.

I love going to visit and have for years. You might have seen my Chicago Happy List on social media and honestly, I could do a Chicago Happy List for days and days.

If I were to think back to when I first learned Chicago was so amazing, it was probably Freshman year of college when I spent Thanksgiving weekend with my dear friend from elementary school, Carrie and her family. It was just for a weekend but I remember enjoying every minute. It was years later when I went back to visit my cousin and her family that I knew then I had to keep going back as much as possible. 

Here are a few highlights about why I love the great city of Chicago:

1) The food: I have my staples (Lou Malnati’s Deep Dish, Gibson’s for Steak and dessert (macadamia nut mud pie), Garrett’s Popcorn and Portillo’s Hot Dog), there are still so many restaurants I have to try a new one each time I go back. 

  • My last trip, my dear friend Laura and I went to a lovely French restaurant called Bistronomic and O-M-G, it was delicious. I loved the orange wine I had with dinner, the steak and their dinner special shrimp pasta. Oh and their baked Alaskan. I am definitely gonna keep this on my list. 

2) Sightseeing: I’m a huge fan of architecture, so when I go to Chicago in the summer I like to take the river cruise. You can learn so much about the city in this 90-minute tour on the Chicago River. 

  • For those who know me, know I love the water and aquariums. There was a time when I was little and wanted to be a marine biologist. I mean Shark Week is my favorite week of the year. So, needless to say I love Shedd Aquarium. It’s absolutely fantastic and worth the price of admission. Make sure you see the Belugas (I can’t help sing “baby beluga” whenever I see them), the sharks of course and the jellies (they are beautiful)!
  • Another place I love to spend time is the Lincoln Park Zoo. It’s also free, but if you can afford it, I suggest donating because it is a great place. The cool thing about the LP Zoo is how many exhibits they have, my faves are the Polar Bears and meerkats, but I avoid the reptiles and insects. Eek!

3) The people: I think Chicago has some of the nicest people. I think it’s being in the midwest, but their hospitality is amazing. Even with the bustle of the crowds and people trying to get place to place, you still get the kindness of a smile and hello, wherever you go.  

I seriously can go on and on about the city. I’m blessed and grateful to be able to go as much as I can. I also love that I get to spend time with my friend Laura and her family, as well as my friend/coach Liz while there. On my trip last year, I got to go with my friend Jen, which was so much fun to be able to show her around and share my love for the city. 

Have you been to Chicago? What’s your favorite city to visit? I would love to read some of the places you like to visit in the comments.

Until next time, have a joy filled day.

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