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Week 1 of Carrie Tachiyama Blog is wrapping up and I’m sitting here thinking about how blessed I am that my dream is coming to fruition. When Tuesday, March 1 came around and I hit publish, I was so nervous about putting myself out there. Like everyone I have insecurities and I wasn’t sure if I would be well received in the internet world. So far it has been such a wonderful experience. I have received such amazing support from my friends and family. Even heard from so many people from my past I haven’t talked to in so long. 

So, this week, I wanted to share a little bit about how I got here. And what it’s been like so far. 

Well, it started, most recently, back in November 2021 with the support of a few friends and my coach, Liz Traines. I was toying with the idea of launching a blog as one of my 2022 goals (aka resolutions) but, I didn’t really know where or how to get started. Or how much time it would take. And then I thought back to why I wanted to start this blog… it runs deep. I shared a bit in my about me page, about how this is an opportunity to tap back into my journalism education, and share things that I enjoy and care about most, with you! I’ve really been thinking about doing this, on and off, for the past 4 years.

So yeah, this is an exciting time, full of possibilities. Now, back to the present day…

First, I  picked my launch date so I could work back from that date to get my ducks in a row before going live. Second, I created content. Third, I ordered some awesome supplies and equipment. Finally, I launched and executed my marketing plant. 

Picking the launch date seemed like the easiest step. I selected March 1 because it was far enough away to give me time to get content put together, design my site and logo and get familiar enough with my site, so I can meet my goals. I marked it on my calendar so I couldn’t change my mind. It also demonstrated I was committed.

Creating the content was the hardest part because I had a lot of ideas. Thanks to Liz, she helped me to brain dump my big ideas into manageable themes to get started. We put together my (3) pillars, health (weight loss journey), skincare and everyday joy which includes the Happy List. Within these three pillars I started to create a few stories to go on the site for launch. These stories take time to create, so we wrote one a week for three weeks so I had enough to have some variety for you to enjoy. In addition, I wrote my About Me page as my introduction to you. 

This dream is an investment I am making in myself. I bought a digital camera, a new cell phone, a website provider, software for photo and video editing, a new laptop and much more. It was expensive but I value the investment in myself. It told me I was committed. 

My final step was to launch and market it. With the help from books I received from my friend, Jen and guidance from Liz, I put together my plan. Now here I am, one week later with a small audience and loads of content to share with you. Do you ever think about creating a blog or side hustle? What stops you from doing it? I’d love to hear your ideas or what you liked most about this post!

Until next time, have a joy filled day.

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