Grocery Shopping: Let’s Go Delivery

Well hey there. Welcome to my weekly chore, grocery shopping. Are you like me and dread going to the grocery store? Ugh, it is my least favorite activity to do which is why I am so thankful for grocery delivery. I just put in my order, schedule my delivery window then go about the rest of my day. It is a true life saver. 

Why I love Grocery Delivery so Much!

I love this service provided by Kroger, Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market so much for so many reasons but here are just a couple…

  1. Convenient. It is super easy for me to create my grocery list in the app, add them to my cart, select my delivery window and check out. The delivery associate does all the shopping for me. Then magically it arrives on my doorstep. 
  2. Fast. When I mean magical, I mean magical. I can have my groceries within 2-hours of ordering if I want. 

Grocery delivery is not just for my weekly shopping. One day I was baking my favorite chocolate chip blondies (recipe below) and I realized I didn’t have chocolate chips (eek!), so I put in an order to get some delivered to me. Honestly, it was faster for me to do that, than run to the store to grab them.  I’m sure you are saying… “Faster, really?” Well, for me to go to the store, I had to turn my oven off (safety first), grab my keys, travel to the store, find the chocolate chips and stand in line then travel home. In addition, grocery delivery is less disruptive to my life because I was in the middle of baking, so it was nice not needing to stop what I was doing to go to the store. 

Options Available

Now I won’t lie, grocery delivery is a bit more expensive because of the delivery benefit, but I can’t put a price on my time. Here are just a few options available for a large portion of the country:

Kroger has various stores throughout the United States. Their delivery program is called Boost. The annual fee is $99/year. Not only does it include grocery delivery but you are able to earn fuel points, digital coupons, weekly specials and more. The Boost program is in collaboration with Instacart as the delivery service. If you don’t want to subscribe to Boost, there is a $9.95 delivery fee on your orders.

Amazon Fresh stores are available in select cities throughout the United States, United Kingdom and Europe. Fresh does charge a delivery fee for orders under $150. But, prices for goods sold at Amazon Fresh are less expensive than Kroger.

Whole Foods Market stores are available throughout the United States. Whole Foods Market does have a delivery fee of $9.95. Whole Foods Market is a unique grocery experience by offering high quality and organic foods. Prices for goods at Whole Foods Market are pricier than Kroger and Fresh, but if you are an Amazon Prime member you receive discount pricing. 

Walmart. I’ll be honest, I haven’t used Walmart myself, but this is an option available to millions of customers throughout the United States. Walmart does have a membership fee through their Walmart+ program. The membership fee is $12.95/month after a 30-day trial. If you don’t want to join the membership program, their delivery fee is $6.99. Benefit of Walmart’s grocery delivery program is that you can get non-grocery items as part of your groceries.

Now, I know there are other options out there but these are the few I know most about or used myself.

My Thoughts

I shop at two of the options available, Kroger and Whole Foods Market. My primary grocery shopping is via my local Kroger store via Boost. I find the annual fee of $99 is worth the benefits. First, Kroger has a wide selection of items available so I can guarantee I get all the items on my grocery list. Second, Kroger is reasonably priced. Granted not as inexpensive as Fresh, but I don’t have to pay a delivery fee so I find it comparable. In addition, Kroger has a wider selection of items in stock whereas Fresh’s inventory is inconsistent so I am finding I would need to place a second order. Finally, I can guarantee to get my order within 2-hours where Whole Foods Market and Fresh don’t always have delivery windows within 2-hours. 

If I have more time to plan, I will order from Whole Foods Market. I find that Whole Foods Market has better quality produce and meat. But, I can’t seem get a delivery window during the time I need, so I default to Kroger.


Grocery delivery is not just for busy individuals, it is very beneficial for those who can’t navigate the grocery stores due to injury or illness. I also did it when traveling since many times it is hard to grocery shop in a strange city because you don’t always have a car and sometimes the locations of grocery stores are not always convenient. If you do need grocery delivery while traveling, you can order in advance and just change the delivery location to your hotel or Airbnb, etc. I also sent grocery deliveries to friends who just had their babies or surgery so they had fresh food. 

Have you used grocery delivery? What are your thoughts? Please share your thoughts below. I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, have a joy filled day!

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