Football is my Favorite Season

Are you ready for some football?

Oh my gosh, FINALLY IT IS HERE! FOOTBALL SEASON! As much as I love other sports, football is my favorite. For those that don’t know me, you will find out very quickly that I LOVE FOOTBALL. Guaranteed I am watching it on TV, attending them live or traveling somewhere to go to a game. 

I got into football when I was so little I can’t even remember when I fell in love with the sport but I do know my parents took me to my first football game as an infant. Granted I slept the whole time, but hey I was there. LOL! 

Now, I’m sure many of you watch the sport already, I mean if you live in the United States it is very hard to escape it. You may know a lot about the game but you may not love it. So, I’m here to share the reasons why you should love the football too. 

Reason Number 1: It is a Fun Social Activity

Honestly, I developed my closest friends through football. One of my friends and I developed our friendship by going to football games together. Nine years ago, my friend and I started working together on the same team at Amazon. When I had an extra ticket to the Washington Huskies game with my parents, I invited her to go. After that first game, we had so much fun going together, we started getting season tickets together. Two years later, my friend and I were traveling to away games. Now it has become our thing where we travel to at least one College Football game a year if not more. It’s so much fun to see different stadiums and visit cities I probably wouldn’t visit otherwise. 

Of course, they call it Sunday Funday for a reason. Sunday is a huge day for football. One of the best things about being on the West Coast, is that football kicks off with brunch then ends with dinner. I love having a friends come over for brunch and watch football together. Since we all live in Seattle, we are Seahawks fans but each of them have their own teams they love, like the Bengals. It’s so much fun to root for each other’s teams while eating, drinking and having a good time.  Depending on when the Seahawks play, Funday can go into dinner time, but hey what a great way to end the weekend… Football and Food. 

Finally, if your family is like mine, we are such football fans we organize family gatherings around football. Whether it is celebrating birthdays with football themed parties and watching a game or having a mini family reunion scheduled around a game because our family travels to football games together. No matter the occasion, football has a way to bring people together. 

Reason Number 2: It’s Nostalgic

Football helps to create great memories. If I look back on my life, most of my favorite memories are around football. Like going to the Washington Huskies games with my dad as a little girl. I loved getting licorice and a bag of peanuts from the local vendor on our way to the stadium. After Christmas, packing up and traveling to the Rose Bowl as an entire family. Going to a New Year’s Eve Pep Rally in the hotel lobby with grandma and grandpa. I also loved going on a road trip to Notre Dame while in college. I can’t forget riding the rowdy bus with the football team in high school after a big win. I can go on and on about my memories, but it is about making your own. 

Even if football hasn’t been as large a part of your life as mine, that doesn’t mean you can’t start creating great memories around football too. 

As I mentioned, football is a great way for people to gather. I recommend starting by hosting your own Sunday Funday. Invite your friends over for a potluck. If you have a friend who has a birthday during football season, suggest having a party around your local team’s game. Of course, you can always host a Super Bowl party. I love hosting the Super Bowl. I make food that is popular to the city the teams are from. For example, Kansas City BBQ ribs, or Cincinnati’s famous Skyline Chili or Seattle Style Hot dogs.  

If you have a favorite team whether it is college or the NFL, traveling to go watch your favorite team is a wonderful way to create memories as well as visit another city. I’ve gone to Arizona with my parents and our family friends, Louisiana with a group of friends, Chicago of course, Salt Lake City, Utah, Columbus, OH and on and on and on. A lot of these places, I probably won’t go to on any other occasion if it wasn’t for football. What I love about traveling for football is that you can go for a long weekend and you can plan ahead or be spontaneous. Talk about spontaneity, my friend and I booked our trip to Utah on Wednesday and the game was on Saturday. We flew down Friday morning and returned home on Sunday night. 

What if I Don’t Know Anything About Football

Oh don’t worry… You don’t have to know anything about football to love the game. But, if you want to learn more or be able to talk knowledgeable about the sport, may I recommend Talk Sporty to Me by Jen Mueller. Jen is a friend and former co-worker of mine. She is a tenured Sportscaster who started Talk Sporty to Me as a side business to help teach people to speak with friends and co-workers about sports. I think it is brilliant because as I mentioned earlier, sports especially football is social and it helps you to feel included if you are able to keep up with what people are talking about. When Jen launched, I was fortunate to join one of her first sessions. Although I knew a lot football already, I learned a lot more by attending one of her seminars. 

Jen really breaks things down into an easy way to understand, so you can chat with your friends, spouses and family while gathered together watching football.


Now, I understand football isn’t for everyone but I do think given an opportunity you will love it. It can bring everyone together whether it is high-fiving the stranger at the bar after your team scores a touchdown, or crying together in a huddle after your team won the NFC Championship or doing celebratory shots with a new co-worker after your team won the Super Bowl. 

Now that a new season has kicked off, go turn on your TV and sit down to watch this fabulous sport. I hope it makes you as happy as it does for me. 

Until next time, have a joy filled day!

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