Why You Should Get Monthly Facials

In 2018, I made a real conscious effort to not wear makeup on a daily basis. I’m sure you are probably asking, “why?” Well, it was mostly to save myself time in the mornings. Based on this decision I was noticing that my complexion wasn’t as smooth as it as I wanted it to be. So, I went to get a facial and spoke to the esthetician. She mentioned that I have deep rooted sun damage that was causing my skin to not appear smooth and lacked the coveted “glow”. Her recommendation was to invest in some good skincare products and get regular professional facials. I was puzzled by this suggestion because I thought getting one or two facials a year was a pretty good routine. Boy was I wrong. My esthetician recommended monthly professional facials to help with my complexion and anti-aging, both goals of mine. 


Now I know what you are saying, “monthly? That’s crazy and so expensive.” Well, you are right and wrong. Getting monthly facials are more reasonable than you might think if you:

  1. Find a local spa/beauty center who offer reasonably priced facials, which can cost anywhere between $75 – $220/month depending on location.
  2. Start Including this into your monthly budget, like your rent/mortgage, fitness memberships, eating out, social activities, groceries, beauty products, a new outfit, your cell phone bill and so on. 

Not every quality spa or beauty center is super expensive. A lot of places offer monthly memberships that are reasonably priced. For example, I’m a member at Gene Juarez Salon and Spas. They offer monthly programs for their services. By being a member I am confirmed for a facial every month and get 20 percent off products for my daily skincare routine. Many cities have similar spas that offer similar programs, like Heyday. The reason why these locations are able to do this is because they don’t have a lot of spa amenities. At Gene Juarez, I show up and get my fabulous facial then I leave. Honestly it’s part of my routine and my budget so I don’t need additional benefits outside my treatment. 

Professional Facial vs. At-Home Facial

Here’s the question I asked myself that I know you are asking yourself, “gosh, even if I budget a monthly facial it’s still pricey, can’t I just do it at home to save money?” Of course you can, and I recommend doing them as a supplement, but unfortunately, you won’t get the same benefits. Professional facials: Improve the health of your skin with a deep cleanse, gentle exfoliation, extractions, mask, and a relaxing décolleté treatment. And they get deeper in the skin, accessing the origin of the  I also include a custom peel to help with anti-aging and skin renewal. Unfortunately, we can’t do these at home. As my esthetician told me, even with her professional training, she can’t even give herself a professional facial at-home. 

As I read in the Heyday blog, monthly facials are important to getting long term benefits and making progress on specific skin concerns. The reason is because our skin life cycle is approximately 27-days, so at each facial appointment you are getting treatment on a new layer of skin. The result is by getting deeper in the skin layers, the esthetician is able to treat the origin of the problem. It is important to treat the deep layers of the skin, especially for sun damage because over time as we age our skin becomes thinner, so the dark spots become more visible, even shades darker. 

      Facials are so relaxing. It is one of my favorite ways to destress. The best part of incorporating these monthly facials into my routine and budget is I get to look forward to this wonderful treatment every month like a mini escape. 

      It’s been 4 years now since I made the conscious decision to invest in my skin. Not going to lie it has been an investment with my monthly professional facials but the return has paid off. I get compliments on my skin all the time and when I do it brings me so much joy.  I also feel more confident knowing my skin is smooth and glowing. Remember it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to incorporate this monthly luxury into your routine. I highly recommend finding a location in your area and investigate whether they offer memberships to make the expense manageable. If you are in the Seattle area, I highly recommend going to Gene Juarez at University Village and see Marie. She has been my esthetician for years and is so knowledgeable. 

      Do you get monthly professional facials? Do you have a location you love and can share with other readers? Please share below in the comments. If you don’t get professional facials monthly, did this help you to consider including this into your budget and routine? I would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts below. Until next time have a joy filled day.

      Until next time, have a joy filled day!

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