Why Peloton Brings Me Joy!

One of the things that is a major element to my weightloss journey is Peloton. Honestly, Peloton has been a part of my life for almost 4 years now. It first started as just getting on the bike but now it includes strength training as well as meditating to help me sleep, focus and relax. I also use Peloton to help me with back pain through stretching and yoga. 

Honestly, I have had a relationship with exercise my whole life, gymnastics, dancing and so on. As an adult I really got into distance running. I did about a half-dozen half marathons, too many 5Ks to count and a couple 10Ks. It was my last 10K when I realized I had an unhealthy relationship with running. It was so abusive I had to divorce it and find something new. I dated around with gym memberships and workout classes but couldn’t find anything that made me happy enough to stick to it. Then I just stopped and didn’t do anything hoping something would peak my interest. One day I was watching TV and there I met Peloton. Ever since I met Peloton, I have had a healthier relationship with exercise. 

Peloton also is not just for exercise… It is a community! Through work, I have met a whole community of fellow Peloton owners who cheer each other on through milestones and get each other motivated. Peloton also helps me to stay in touch with friends and family just through a high five during class. 

It is amazing that this exercise equipment brings me so much joy and happiness. I’m sure you are wondering, how?

Well, let me tell you…

  1. Music Moves You. Even when I don’t want to workout I get on the bike because Emma’s Disney ride or Olivia’s Guns and Roses ride or Cody’s Britney ride and so on. The music moves you when you are on a climb or pushing through an interval. Sometimes I get lost singing along to “Part of your World” or rocking out to “Welcome to the Jungle” and before you know it 30 minutes is gone. Then I’m sweaty and exhausted but on the greatest high to conquer the day. 
  2. Competitive Juices Flowing. Peloton offers challenges that get you to jump on the bike or open the app. I am not a competitive person but I do love those badges (ok, maybe just a little) anyway Peloton offers badges you can earn by completing their challenges. I love them because they get me moving even when I don’t want to. 
  3. High Fives. Peloton’s community is amazing. One of the things I love about the community is the high fives you receive during class. It makes me so happy to get high fives from friends, family, instructors and even total strangers. It’s such a simple gesture to cheer me on. 
  4. Something for Everyone. I love that even though I’m just getting back into the flow of my weightloss journey and took a break from Peloton for a few weeks, I still can get back into the groove. Peloton offers beginner classes, experienced classes and everything in between. It is so amazing how thoughtful the instructors are at explaining things. For example in yoga, the instructors explain how the pose should feel, as well as walk me through how to get to the position so I don’t have to crane my neck to see the monitor. It’s like being in the class even though I’m not there. 

Peloton is commitment free to use their app. To be a member, it is $48.51 per month. Peloton also offers a bike and treadmill depending on your exercise preference. If you have the space, you can get both. The upfront cost for the equipment is an investment but you can check them out before you buy at a local Peloton storefront. Also, they offer a 30-day risk free home trial. Just so you know, I don’t work for Peloton and this is not an ad, I just have such a great experience with it!

Are you part of the Peloton community? Or another workout community? Does it make you as happy as it makes me? Comment below. If you are not part of the Peloton or another workout community, are you interested in joining one or have questions? Let me know below and I’d love to share more or answer questions.

Until next time, have a joy filled day.

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