Weightloss Journey: Getting Back on Track

Last week was Day 1 for getting back on my weightloss journey. As they all say, it is easy to get started but it is hard to keep it going. But, thankfully I’m not alone and have help along the way. As they say it takes a village.

So, I want to be a part of your village and help you in your journey. Now, I am not an expert and everyone is different, but I hope sharing some of the tips I use to help me get back and stay on track, might help motivate you on your journey. Below are my top 5 tips for getting back on track with my healthy lifestyle:

  1. Grocery Shop. I do my grocery shopping online, for delivery or pick up, using Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods Market or Kroger, twice a week – one big order on the weekend and a supplement order midweek for more fresh produce. Prior to placing my order I make a list so I don’t forget anything I need. To help me in making my grocery list I use Google Keep and add items throughout the week when I run out. I also create lists on my shopping accounts to store my weekly items, for example celery. This helps make shopping easier and faster.
  2. Make Celery Juice. I know what you are thinking and trust me I was also skeptical but I have to tell you I’m a believer. Now, just because I’m a believer doesn’t mean I am faithful or consistent, but when I am, it really helps me to stay on course. Celery juice has a lot of benefits, since I’m not an expert I would recommend doing your own research. For me, I have found celery juice to help to decrease bloating, help with my digestion, as well as keep me hydrated since I’m terrible at drinking enough water. Also, I find drinking celery juice and working out in the morning keep me mindful for the rest of the day. To help me be consistent, I juice 3 servings at a time using this juicer and bottles
  3. Meal Prep. Heather (my health coach) created an amazing playbook for me (check it out below). In the playbook is my routine/schedule as well as a list of menu ideas for each meal. For lunch and dinner, I like to pick only two menu ideas. This gives me at least 4 days worth of meals. To help supplement the other days, I stock my fridge and freezer with quick meal options, examples include chicken tenders and fish sticks to heat up and put on top of salads. I also keep my pantry filled with staples like canned beans, rice, quinoa and pastas. I also prepare my spa water and snacks so they are easy to pack for the office or grab when I’m at home. 

4. Calorie Count. If I can instill any wisdom in you, this would be it. Calorie counting helps you to monitor the food and drink you consume each day. I have to admit, this is the most surprising part of the process. It is so eye opening to know how many calories I consume but how little I was eating. Now, in order to feel full, I find food that are low in calorie but high in nutrients. Also, if I want to splurge on calories I make sure it is something satisfying and enjoyable, like Gibson’s Macadamia Nut Mud Pie. The last thing you want to do is waste calories on something you don’t enjoy or doesn’t taste good. To track my calories, I use the MyFitnessPal app. You can also track your workouts but my coach, Heather and I are not counting these calories so I don’t over eat. Workout calories are not completely accurate, so I am focusing on food and drink consumption. 

5. Keep a Routine. I put everything on my calendar. This includes when I do a Peloton class, eat each meal, take my supplements, order groceries, meal plan and make my juice. My days are filled at work, so putting it on my calendar makes things easy for me. I don’t have to think or remember. I also use the Drink Water Reminder app to notify me throughout the day when to drink and to track. I’m embarrassed to say I don’t get nearly enough water. I want to change this because water is so important. Finally, I also put my nighttime routine and bedtime on my calendar so I can ensure I get a great night’s rest. 

Hopefully, by staying consistent with these tips, my journey can go from mission impossible to mission complete. Are you on your own weightloss journey? Do you have tips to help you on your journey? Do you follow any of the tips I mentioned? If so, please comment below. Thank you for being a part of my village. Until next time, have a joy filled day. 

Until next time, have a joy filled day.

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