Weightloss Journey: Discipline & Ease

This week in  my weight loss journey is to discuss discipline and ease.  Sadly I’m short of my weekly goal of losing 0.5 per week. This weekly goal is something my nutritional coach, Heather recommends for me because the journey I am on is for sustainable and long term success. 

Even though I didn’t meet my weekly goal for week 1, I am proud of the work I put in. Heather reminds me all the time to celebrate my little victories. First, I successfully did my Peloton workouts. Then, I remained close or within my calorie allocation everyday but two and finally, I enjoyed an evening out with friends without guilt. 

All of this was done with discipline and ease. Why do I focus on these two words, you ask. Well it is because motivation can waver and be inconsistent. Discipline is a practice to alter behavior, which is what I need to do to reach my goals of losing weight and keeping it off with Hashimoto’s. Ease helps me to be disciplined. Once I develop consistent behavior and reach my goals, I can start to add complexity to my lifestyle. 

I have to admit discipline is hard for me because I am super busy, which we all are, and I am easily persuaded to do things that are easy, like take out. So, I am implementing things that will work for me to be successful. This includes things like I don’t have to think about eating or do a lot of prep work. Some examples are: microwaveable meals, easy pulls from the freezer, prepackaged snacks and long shelf life fruit like apples and oranges. Not only are they easy and fast to eat, but they are also easy to track my calories. These keep me working towards my goals. 

Also, I can’t be too restrictive; if I am, GAME OVER! I can’t eliminate anything from my menu. I’m not vegetarian, I love dairy and carbs. I also need to cheat every once in a while.

I need track my food intake and exercise via MyFitnessPal and spreadsheet for Heather because if I don’t I will not be successful. I’ve learned, from attending the occasional Weight Watchers meeting, that just like money, food needs to be monitored or you can go bankrupt. So, I treat my food journal like my checkbook. Exercise are deposits and food are withdrawals. Remember don’t go into the red!

Finally, I need to make “to do” lists in order to be successful. It sounds strange I’m sure but what I know about myself and how I was raised, I’m OCD and I need lists. Seriously, I blame my Dad. This is done by putting everything on my calendar with reminders, then when complete, I dismiss the reminder. If I miss it for the day, which happens, I delete it so I can revert back if needed to confirm if I did it or not. An example of this is my celery juice and vitamins. 

Ok, so how did I do thus far? Well, I lost 0.4 pounds the first week, which isn’t bad because losing is losing, but I didn’t meet my goal. I try not to dwell on that and focus on the progress. Next I stocked my kitchen with groceries to make meals easy for me. Examples include my freezer pulls, easy to grab fruit and snacks like hummus and pita chips. Next when I go into the office (twice a week) I get an easy lunch like Jimmy Johns which I can customize to meet my calorie allocation.

Part of my checklist were my workouts which I did 4 out of 7 days in the morning. I was really happy I did, because I had quite a few late nights and it would have been so easy to hit snooze and miss my workout but I didn’t. Also, I got another workout by partnering with my EA team to clean and organize our office storage closets. Boy we worked muscles I didn’t know existed, so I count that as exercise.  

Week 1 also included a happy hour with my EA team and dinner out with friends. Even though I didn’t count calories or restrict what I ordered, I listened to my stomach and stopped eating when I was full and also enjoyed the company. Then, the next day I got back on my journey. 

What tips do you have to stay disciplined with your goals? Or do you have tricks to make things easier for you? Feel free to share in the comments below. Until next time, have a joy filled day.

*Please note, I am sharing examples of what works, specifically, for me on my weightloss journey.  I am not a doctor or healthcare professional, so none of this information is meant to substitute professional medical advice.

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