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It’s been exciting in my world which is why I have been M.I.A lately. Back in January, I started a new role at Amazon as an Executive Assistant in a high profile office. It was a big career move for me. Super life changing and a major step in my career as an Executive Assistant. As a result I had to make a significant change in my life… Returning to the office five days a week. 

Almost three years after the pandemic, companies have made the change to require their employees to return to the office. Now most companies are only requiring in office presence three days a week. In my new role, I am required to go in five days a week. In this post-pandemic world, this was a dramatic shift that required an adjustment to my life. 

OMG… What am I Going to Wear?

Now the biggest concern I had going back to work was what I was going to wear. I mean let’s be honest, over the last three years working from home we were all living in yoga pants, tee shirts and hoodies. So, now we have to go out in the real world, see people and be presentable (insert panic attack). To ease my anxiety I did some shopping… In my closet. 


First thing I did was take inventory of my clothes. I went through all my pants. I tried everything on and put them in piles of what to keep, what to sell and what to donate. 

Next thing I did was go through my tops. I sorted my layering pieces like blazers, jean jackets, cardigans, etc. Then I went through my other tops like camis, tanks and tees. I noticed a lot of them lost their color or worn out so I put those in my donate pile. 

Finally, I went through the remaining tops in my closet. A lot were out of style or I didn’t like anymore, so I put those in the sale pile. Now that I know everything in my closet, I organize my tops by season for easy access. 


With my closet so clean and easy to sort through, I started putting outfits together. Planning my outfits saved me time in the mornings now that I didn’t have as much time as I did when I worked from home. Let’s face it with commuting, morning face routine, putting on makeup and doing my hair, I need as much time as I can in the morning. Planning what I am going to wear saves at least 10 mins. 

How to Stay on Track

I have been losing weight and doing pretty well keeping this weight off but I have to admit I was worried that going back to the office was going to derail my progress. So, I made sure I have a plan in place to stay on track. 


Now that I am in the office, I don’t have the flexibility to do the Peloton during the day, so I have to make sure I do it in the morning because I know by the time I get home, I’m too tired to workout. So, I put my Peloton class on my daily calendar as part of my morning routine. My mornings are packed, so having a calendar planned out helps to eliminate the anxiety of rushing out the door. 


Going back to the office comes with lots of temptations when it comes to food. So, planning ahead and bringing my meals (breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack) to the office will help me to stay on track by not being hungry and to avoid eating out. 

As I mentioned in my blog post about getting back on track, I talk about 5 tips to my healthy lifestyle. One tip is meal prepping. Now that I am going back to the office I don’t have as much time to do everything, so I have to ensure I designate time on my weekend to prepare three courses for the week. 

After all this preparation I need to make sure I don’t leave it behind when I’m jetting out the door. So, I put a note on the door “DO NOT FORGET LUNCH”. So, I pack my lunchbox the night before so it is easy to grab when I’m running behind. I love the BUILT lunch box. It is easy for me to carry and it holds everything. Here is a list of what I take:


To wrap up, I wanted to share a couple places I send my clothes to find a new home. First, I sell my clothes on ThredUp. It makes consignment super easy. I also sell some of my higher end items on Poshmark. Second, I donate my items to Goodwill or Give Back Box

I know change is challenging for all of us and going back to the office is a change that will take time to adjust to, so I hope these tips will help ease the anxiety. Are you going back to the office? If so, what are you most nervous about? Share your thoughts below in the comments. 

Before I head off to enjoy the rest of my weekend I want to share a couple things to be on the lookout in the coming weeks. First, I’m working on my weightloss journey quarterly update where I share an update on progress, lessons learned and a few new tips. Second, I’m working on a new website. I’m super excited to share with y’all.

Until next time, have a joy filled day!

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