Review: Dr. Babor Brightening Intense Treatment

Y’all have heard me talk about how I suffer from hyperpigmentation in my morning and evening skincare routines. The type of hyperpigmentation I suffer from are dark spots from years of sun exposure and genetic age spots. It has become a visible problem for me starting in 2018. I went to a dermatologist who got me started on routine laser treatments, then I began regular facial treatments with my esthetician at Gene Juarez. It is during my last routine treatment with Marie where she suggested I use the Dr. Babor Brightening Intense Treatment. It is a 28 day ampoule treatment that I apply during my morning routine as the step immediately after my Rose Toner. Then I apply the remaining items in my routine.

After 4 weeks, I have now seen significant improvement in my spots. You can see from the pics, the hyperpigmentation is almost gone and my skin has a lovely glow. The first week prepares your skin with an intensive peeling. It has a slight tingling effect that promotes skin renewal and helps remove dead skin cells while maintaining skin moisture. The second week is an active vitalization. I felt some tingling during this stage as well, which helps to reactivate skin activity and vitality for increased cell energy and renewal. The final two weeks are the maximum brightening with correction. These two weeks have the most impact on correcting the spots, but unlike the other weeks I didn’t have any sensation. During these two weeks the ampoules intensively counteracts the hyperpigmentation to achieve a natural glow and even skin tone. This treatment costs $99 + tax, but I highly recommend it for those who suffer from hyperpigmentation problems like me. I don’t suggest to do this treatment in consecutive months. For me, I find it most effective to do it once a quarter or at least four times a year. If you try Dr. Babor’s Brightening Intense Treatment yourself, share your reviews and results below. Until next time, have a joy filled day.

Until next time, have a joy filled day.

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