Oura Ring: My Review

Oura Ring has been a game changer for me and my weight loss journey. The reason I got it is because I was finding that my energy was low and I was finding it hard to workout, be more efficient at work and home yet I was getting a full night’s sleep. This puzzled me, so I was reviewing my Sleep Number data and found it wasn’t clarifying why I was feeling the way I was feeling. Now I know suffering Hashimoto’s Disease can cause similar symptoms which is why I have been focusing so much on my sleep routine and making sure I get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night. So, I wanted to find a better way to analyze my sleep. Since my Apple Watch battery doesn’t last very long, I knew that would not provide me consistent data. Then I was chatting with my friend last October and she suggested I look into Oura Ring. Upon her advice I started to deep dive into the product.

Why a ring?

The reason why I like the ring is because I love my Apple Watch and didn’t really want to switch to another wrist device. The other reason is because I learned that your finder provides the most accurate reading for over 20 biometrics like heart rate, body temp, blood oxygen and more. Finally, I went with the ring because of the long battery life. For me, Oura Ring lasts at least 5 days between charges versus my Apple Watch that only has 24 hours of battery life, wah wah. 

Real Question: How Much?

The rings range from $299 – $549 depending on the style and finish of the ring you choose. But, if you use the link I provide HERE, you can get $40 off. I went with the Horizon in Rose Gold. Yes, it was the most expensive and if I were to go back in time I’d probably get the less expensive ring which is Heritage – Silver. The reason is because the Rose Gold finish is not as “Rose” after wearing it everyday for over a year. 

Now here is something that might slip through. To get access to the full data on their app, you need to pay $5.99+tax for a total $6.60 per month. Now this is not required but you don’t get all the data that might be interesting to you. But you still get the critical without the membership fee. If you choose not to pay the $6.60/month, you can still get access to 3 simple daily scores: Sleep, Readiness and Activity. Honestly for me, sleep is the most important so if you don’t want to pay for the membership you still win. 

Just so you know, the first month is on Oura and you can cancel your membership anytime. 

What have I learned from the Oura Data?

First thing I want to point out is that Oura takes pride in their accuracy, which is important for me especially when evaluating my sleep and readiness. With my Hashimoto’s disease, thyroid condition my energy levels and fatigue can skew how I really sleep and my body readiness so I like to use the Oura Ring data to help me to deep dive how I am feeling and what I need to do to improve. Is it my nutrition? Do I need to exercise? Do I need to do some selfcare? Have I missed my vitamins? And so on. 

Love the new Stress data. This is so interesting. Looking at my stress and thinking about what happened that made my stress peak. Then I think about what I can do to improve my stress or manage stressful situations. Like do I need to step away and take a walk? Should I meditate? 

Looking at my stress data, I learn so much because it can be super obvious like a stressful meeting (ie. Annual Review, Career Conversation) or it can be super subtle like an annoying email. Of course there are times when you can’t control your stress… Like watching your football team play, LOL. 

Oura Provides Helpful Suggestions

The great thing about the Oura app is they provide helpful suggestions based on your data. For example when my readiness score helps me to know how to plan my day. Should I rest? Should I workout a little harder? Oura would help you to decide by sharing your score and give you a recommendation.

Similar to my Apple Watch, Oura alerts me when I should stand and stretch my legs. Also, based on my routine and data, Oura will let me know when I’m approaching my bedtime. 

Overall, I am so glad I got my Oura Ring, it is by far the most accurate and insightful data about my health I have ever received. I have tried so many tools (Fitbit, Sleep Number, Apple) and Oura is the best I have used. Do not just take my word for it, try yourself. Reminder, click HERE and you will receive $40 off your ring purchase and remember with your purchase, the membership is free for the first month.

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