My First Cosmetic Surgery Experience

Ever have an insecurity that drove you crazy every time you looked in the mirror? Mine are my under eye bags. I tried everything from eye creams to eye masks to microcurrent tools. But, sadly nothing could get rid of these little pillows under my eyes. I swear they aged me ten years. Finally, after talking to my health coach, Heather, who is also an esthetician, she recommended I do a procedure called lower blepharoplasty (aka lower bleph). I never heard of this procedure before, but Heather also works at a plastic surgeon’s office and saw this procedure done often, so I felt comfortable taking her advice. Sadly, Heather is in Colorado and since the procedure takes a few days of rest and help at home while recovering I needed to look for someone in Seattle, where I live. 

Now that I made the decision to get the procedure, I needed to find a trusted physician. Unfortunately, I don’t know any plastic surgeons, so I started with Google and searched “highest rated surgeons for lower blepharoplasty in Seattle”. Amadi Aesthetics was at the top of the list with a 5-star rating. I then spent a lot of time reading the reviews. All of them said that they were so pleased with their procedure as well as their experience with Dr. Amadi, so I called the office.

Now that I got the ball rolling, I was beginning to get so nervous and I had a lot of questions. The assistant on the phone was so warm and empathetic. She kept saying my nerves are normal and reassured me that I’m not committed to anything until after my initial appointment, so I thought it doesn’t hurt to just meet with Dr. Amadi. After making my appointment, I was getting even more nervous. 

I’m sure you are thinking, “why are you so nervous?” Well, the nervousness is from the unknown also the potential side effects. Also, thinking about all the things that could go wrong. So, to help settle my nerves, I did a lot of research. I repeatedly went to Amadi Aesthetics website, I read more and more reviews on Google about Dr. Amadi and lower bleph procedure, I talked to Heather a lot. Did I feel better? No, but I also knew my insecurities outweighed my fear. 

Well here we are, the day of my initial appointment. My feelings were both exciting and nervous. I showed up with all my questions for Dr. Amadi. Some questions I asked were:

  • What are the side effects?
  • What will the procedure be like?
  • Will it be painful?
  • What is my recovery like?
  • Will there be a scar?
  • Can everyone tell I had the procedure?

Dr. Amadi told me that there are side effects just like every procedure but in his 20+ years of experience, he has not had a patient experience these side effects. He immediately comforted me by telling me that the lower bleph procedure is his most performed procedure. What really put me at ease was when he said “my patients are my family and wouldn’t do anything that would put his family at risk”. So, I committed to move forward because I really wanted to remove this insecurity under my eyes. 

So, before I left I paid my deposit of $1000 and scheduled my procedure for 3 weeks from that day. You schedule your procedure three weeks from your initial appointment because you need to have a pre-procedure (aka pre-op) appointment as well as time to get a PCR Covid Test and pick up your prescriptions. 

A week later, I had my pre-op appointment. I had to sign all my consent forms, take my before photos and pay the remaining balance for the procedure ($4950). I did receive a 20% discount from insurance so my actual total with deposit was $5702.50. Without insurance the total cost for the lower bleph procedure is $5950. 

Fast forward to the week of my appointment, my nerves came back but I was also so excited to get rid of this insecurity and feel more confident when I look in the mirror. Thankfully, I was busy at work so the time went by fast. 

The day of the procedure, I was mentally prepared and was so ready to get it done. Upon arrival, I was getting drowsy from the prescription you are required to take an hour before the procedure. By the time they took me into the procedure room and I laid down, I was pretty out of it. Honestly, the only thing I remember was them handing me some stress balls and telling me that they will be talking to me through the procedure even though I might not hear them. 

At completion I had the compression goggles on and was really out of it so I only remember being walked to my friend’s car and vaguely being walked to my apartment where I slept most of the evening. When I woke up, I looked so ugly and really not myself. Eek! I started to think “what did I do?” A little regret started to creep in. So, I needed some reassurance and since Heather reached out to check in on me, I shared my concerns. I also sent her pictures and she told me everything looked normal. Patience is the key. Also, I did my best not to look at myself in the mirror. Thankfully, I had to wear my compression goggles 80% of the day so I couldn’t do much but sit around, sleep and listen to TV. 

Compression goggles are used to help with the healing process. This is easier than doing the cold compress process. It is an extra expense ($75) but I was so glad I got them. 

One week after my procedure, I was looking like a bit better and more like myself. Although I looked better than myself because those pillows were gone. I also had a slight cheek lift from Dr. Amadi moving the fatty tissue below my eyes to my cheek bones. I should note, the cheek lift is not done by all physicians. Most of the time they remove the fatty tissue instead of repurposing it to help give you a natural “filler”. During this time, I also have my post-op appointment where Dr. Amadi removed my stitches and checks to see how I am healing. Thankfully, he said everything was looking normal and he was pleased with my progress. He doesn’t take after photos until my 3-month post-op appointment because I am still healing. 

At my 3-month appointment, Dr. Amadi took my after photos and asked if I had any concerns. I did share with him that I didn’t think I was symmetrical. I was worried I still had some puffiness under my left eye. He said he did see what I was talking about and that I could have a steroid shot to help with the swelling or have the procedure again where he can remove the imperfection. I didn’t want to do either because the steroid shot was no guarantee to repair the problem and I didn’t want to have the procedure again for something so minor. So, I said “I’m ok” and left. 

Some final thoughts after my first cosmetic surgery:

  1. Although the final results were not perfect, I am so glad I did it. 
  2. Doing my research was so important and I am so happy I found the right surgeon.
  3. After my experience, I would totally do another cosmetic surgery if I was feeling insecure enough. 

Do you have the same insecurity with your under eye bags or another insecurity you want to fix? Are you considering cosmetic surgery? Does sharing my experience help you evaluate your options? Can I help make you feel more comfortable about your decision? I would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts, concerns or questions below in the comment box.

Until next time, have a joy filled day.

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