Happy List

What is the Happy List you ask? Well, let me introduce you. Happy List is a list of items that bring you joy. You know the thing that genuinely brings a smile to your face and joy to your heart. You know those things that make you happy. Here, let me give you an example. Brutus the Yorkie is always going to be on my Happy List. When I think of Brutus, a smile just appears on my face. Another thing that appears on my Happy List is football. I absolutely love football. Even though I have my favorite teams (Washington Huskies, Seattle Seahawks, Nebraska Cornhuskers), I honestly enjoy just watching the sport no matter who is playing.

So, how did the Happy List start? Well, honestly I can’t remember the day, but I do remember starting it during a challenging time. Then someone reminded me that I am very blessed with lots of people who love and care for me, and I have a lot things that make me laugh or bring me joy. So I was like, “you’re right!” So I started to post on Facebook, five random things that made me happy that day. And, the Happy List was born!

You know, I wish I didn’t clean up my Facebook years ago, because when I started the Happy List, I posted it all on Facebook. Then people started liking my posts, which made me happy because I loved that friends and family I hadn’t talked to in years were reading my list and liking what I posted. Then it grew to people commenting that something on my list also made them happy. Not exactly sure when I stopped but I do remember I was bullied for it, then decided not long after that to clean my Facebook account and take a break. 

Now I am back! Happy List is back! I encourage you to do it too. Find a journal, your phone, tablet, anything to jot down your Happy List. You don’t have to share it but you should keep it somewhere you can refer back to during challenging times, a tough day(s) or a time you just need a smile on your face. 

Happy List for Today:

  1. Writing this Blog Post
  2. Brutus the Yorkie
  3. Getting a Peloton Ride In
  4. Getting back on track with my morning regime 
  5. Clean house

Follow me on social media to catch my regular dose of the Happy List. And if you feel inspired to start your own, I’d love to read it! Tag @ctachiyama and #happylist on Instagram so I see it.

Until next time, have a joy filled day.

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