You May Be Wondering

I share in my blog post about the joy of being an Executive Assistant that this career is more my path and really enjoy the work. I launched this blog to help me use my broadcast journalism background in a different way.

Oh there were multiple reasons. Nebraska has one of the highest rated Journalism programs. My family had connections to the University and encouraged me to check it out before making my decision. During my visit, I fell in love with the campus and the people. If you ever want to meet the nicest people in the world, go to Nebraska. I have never felt more welcome or at home while going to the University of Nebraska.

I thought about it actually. I left it in God’s hands… Several years ago I made a pact with myself that by my birthday, June 15 I would either get a new job (hopefully at Amazon) or move to Chicago. About a month after making that pact, I got my job at Amazon.

Being a Washington Huskies fan is in my blood. It started with my grandpa on my dad’s side who was a coxswain of the Huskies crew team prior to Pearl Harbor then sadly he was taken to an internment camp in Idaho where he met my grandma. Their passion for the University of Washington is shared through generations. It is at UW where my parents met. Although my brother and I didn’t go there ourselves, we have been fans since we were born. I share in my post about why I love football, I went to my first Huskies game at 6 months old. Our family’s passion for Huskies football is one of things that bonds us.

I was diagnosed about 10 years ago. I shared my journey here.

Oh this is fun. It started one day when one of my team members said “oh I love your outfit. It’s totally Insta-worthy.” So, I was like “ok” and took a selfie in the office bathroom mirror, posted it and it was well received so I kept doing it.

Honestly, it happened by circumstance. But, I am so glad that it did. I love being an Executive Assistant and share more about my path here

I’m a pretty open person. So, I’m willing to talk to everyone about anything. I think if I would have to share something, I would probably say I have a hard time talking about being single. Not because I’m ashamed, or it bothers me. I have a hard time talking about it because I don’t think it is anyone’s business. Also, I feel like I’m being judged for being single when I’m ok and even happy being single. I don’t need another person to fulfill something missing in my life. In fact, I believe the worst relationships are developed from relying on someone else to fulfill you. If that makes sense. Now, that is not to say I won’t date or have a relationship if I meet the right person. I’m just saying I haven’t met the right person. I will trust God’s plan for when it happens when it happens.

The areas I would like to grow in my life are more like goals/achievements. Here is a list:

  1. Financial stability… Ex. is not to have debt beyond a mortgage. Right now I have student loans and some credit card debt
  2. Build a business through my blog as a secondary income
  3. Buy or Build my dream house
  4. Reach my weight loss goal which is harder than I anticipated

Oh my best habit is my organization. I’m a very organized person. Maybe a bit too organized but hey, that is why I make a great EA. My worst habit is to give into my cravings, like food and shopping. I struggle with discipline when it comes to both of those.

My biggest strength is my empathy. I understand and feel people’s emotions. When I was a manager and now as a mentor, I always put myself in the other person’s place and ask myself “how would I want to hear this feedback, or advice or news, etc.” I also know that we all have a narrative that is personal to us, and whether we agree or not, we should listen to that narrative with an open mind and heart and hear what the person is saying.

My biggest weakness is my temper. It can sometimes be on a hair trigger. It stems from frustration, mostly from people not listening to me or my narrative. My temper can also come from people always thinking they know more than I do. I’ll tell you what, I know a lot more than people give me credit but that doesn’t stop them from “mansplaining” things to me. At Amazon my strongest leadership principle is “are right a lot”. Not that people believe me