Seint Makeup: My Review

I love makeup. I have loved it since I was really little. What I love about makeup is how it makes me feel beautiful and polished even when inside I feel frumpy and messy. The struggle I have had in the past is that it can be cakey or pill with my skincare, so many times I just go without because I was getting frustrated going to skincare counters trying to find the right makeup. Then I saw Dana Plummer’s Instagram account. She shared a video on Seint makeup and I was very intrigued. So I did some investigating about Seint then when Dana provided the ability to color match for me, I reached out to learn more and gave it a try. I highly suggest you do to and here’s why.

What is Seint Makeup

Seint makeup is “IIID (3D) products created to redefine, simplify and streamline the beauty routine”. The products are cream based which provides a sheer coverage, which I love for the everyday, but can be buildable to provide a more full coverage. The difference in using cream versus liquid and powders is they tend to set creating a dull and lifeless appearance. Creams are also like a second skin providing silky application and flexible wear for a “buttery velvet finish”.

Unique but Easy Application

At first I was intimidated by the application process. I thought with the 3D process of using a contour and multiple highlights plus blush the process would take me forever and I would mess it up. But, after trying it on a Saturday where I had time to mess up and start over if needed I learned that it was much easier than I anticipated. After a couple times of doing it, I can apply it in approximately 5 mins. Funny enough it is doing my eyes that takes me more time, LOL. 

Such Beautiful Results

After a year using Seint makeup, I don’t think I will ever go back to the traditional liquid foundation. I love how light it feels on my face. Half the time I forget I’m wearing makeup until people compliment me or I look in the mirror, LOL. I know there are other cream foundations out there doing the 3D technique but I think Seint is truly the best out there. It is also reasonably priced. After your initial purchase of 2-highlights, contour, blush and the IIID brush (approximately $111+tax), each replacement is only $16/each. Of course, once you start with Seint you’ll get hooked and start getting their eyeshadows, other brushes and more. Which I am 100% guilty of doing. Now don’t hesitate, go check out Seint makeup.

Until next time, have a joy filled day!

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