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If you are not following @brutus.yorkie on Instagram, you should be! His account is so much FUN to work on. It does take a lot of work because Brutus is not the most cooperative subject. If you know me then you know Brutus and know that he brings joy to everyone he meets even when he is a little snarly, LOL. 

So, it only made sense that Brutus would have his own Instagram account. At first it was just a way to post all the ridiculous videos and photos I take of him on a daily basis. Then it turned into creating reels that are trending or going viral. The more creative I got, the more followers he started to get. I even used tips, tricks and ideas I learned on the Creator Bootcamp to have several of his videos go viral with millions (yes MILLIONS) of views. It’s bananas!

A Star is Born

@brutus.yorkie has now evolved so much, Brutus seems to have celebrity status. As an Amazonian, Brutus goes to the office with me which is such an amazing benefit. Amazon’s quarterly earnings day is a really big day with a lot of anticipation. So, last year I wanted to try and provide some levity by dressing Brutus up in outfits. 

Q1 2023 – Brutus was the Pope blessing our earnings 

Q2 2023 – Brutus was a Jedi ensuring the force was with our earnings

Q3 2023 – Brutus was the Penn State Nittany Lion in honor of our CFO who is a Penn State alumni

Q4 2023 – Brutus honored our CFO by dressing up as him

By dressing as our CFO, Brutus was featured in the All-Amazon Global Meeting. This was such an honor because not every Pupazonian gets to be featured in this event. I love seeing how happy this makes everyone, including our CEO of WW Stores who Brutus dressed as for Q1 2024.  

Working on @brutus.yorkie Instagram account has also given me the opportunity to work with Amazon’s @insideamazon account for their April Fools joke. It was great to work with them on such a FUN feature. It also gave me an opportunity to work with an expert on how to create reels, including scripting, getting b-roll and learning how to train Brutus to “act”.


Overall, this experience working on @brutus.yorkie is a joyful one. There is some stress that goes into it, especially the time it takes to create content for his account. I have to sustain a daily post which is not always feasible because Brutus doesn’t always want to cooperate.  

Brutus now has his own storefront on amazon.com. It is great that his social media is growing so much he can earn a little money to support his toy addiction. 

If you haven’t checked out @brutus.yorkie, please do. I would love to hear if @brutus.yorkie brings you a smile or brightens your day in the comments below. 

Until next time, have a joy filled day!

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