Frustrating Weight Loss Journey

Ok, I know what you are saying… “Carrie, I thought you were wanting to share joy with the everyday. So what is with this title?” 

Well let me tell ya…. We are three quarters of the way through 2023… Can you believe it? I sure can’t. But, looking back at my New Year’s Goals, I realize I’m not even close to some of my goals. Boy that is frustrating. Do you get that frustration too? I figured I’m not alone, so here I am sharing my frustrations, lessons learned and what I am going to do next. 

What Went Well…

If I’m going to be honest, not much has gone well. But, hey I’ll be more optimistic. Here are some of the items that I can say went well or are going well.

  1. Bringing my lunch: This is an important part of my weight loss journey. It helps me to manage my daily calorie allotment. When you eat out, you don’t really know everything that is being put in your meal. By bringing my own lunch I’m able to count each calorie because I have prepared the food within my lunch sack. Bonus: Save money… As you can imagine, eating lunch out 5-days a week is expensive. 
  2. Moving more throughout the day: Benefit of going into the office 5-days a week, I’m moving a lot more. Whether it is walking to a conference room for a meeting, or walking with Brutus outside during the day, I’m getting a lot more steps each day. Before returning to the office I was only averaging <5,000 steps a day. Now, I’m getting >10,000. Makes me feel less guilty when I miss a workout.
  3. I haven’t gained any more weight: Thankfully since my last update, I have stayed the same. I am going to consider this a win. I mean it could be worse, right? 
Setbacks and Boy There Were a Lot of Them…

Man where do I begin… 

I guess I will start with managing my appetite. It has been a real struggle. It is like my stomach doesn’t have an off switch. Do you ever get that? Not sure how to activate that off switch, but I’ve tried everything… Including eating small meals every couple hours, drinking more water, increasing my fiber and so on. Yet I still feel like I’m starving. I mean I get hangry. I’m telling you, it is annoying. As a result I can’t stay within my calorie allotment.

Then there is the fatigue. It is the bane of my existence right now. Having fatigue is common for Hasimoto’s disease, so I should expect it but gosh it has been a butt-kicker. I find it hard to power through. So I miss so many workouts. I realize fatigue is no excuse to miss my workouts especially when it brings me joy once I complete it. With my fatigue working out while so tired makes me struggle to do the basic functions and I find I become irritable instead of happy. 

Giving into cravings. Oh my gosh, you would think I have some self control but sadly I don’t. When I want something sweet I grab candy, when I want something salty I grab chips and so on. Knowing how important my weight loss journey is to me you would think I would be more disciplined, sadly I am not. Insert angry emoji. 

Now, you know why I am so frustrated (obviously some are self-inflicted). 

Lessons Learned

Ok, I am not a total downer. I can make lemonade out of lemons. So here is what I have learned. 

Lesson 1: Managing Hormones… Sorry TMI, LOL! My condition can impact my menstrual cycle so much that my hormones can be causing a lot of my problems. As a result, I might not be able to manage it holistically anymore. So, I’m scheduled to see my doctor and have bloodwork done. 

Lesson 2: Being more budget conscious by not grocery shopping every week. I’m meal planning and cooking more of what is in my fridge, which leads to eating less fresh items. At times this does lead to high calorie meals. What I haven’t quite learned how to do is to make these meals lower in calories. I hope to do some research on the recipes and find lower calorie alternatives then stock my fridge and pantry with these items. I am also planning to do go to the grocery store myself rather than rely on delivery.

Lesson 3: Do my best not to have anything at home that can tempt me. Giving into my cravings has been a big part of my downside so if there isn’t anything available I hope it will help me. As my mom says, if I was really hungry then I would eat what is available… Like fruit, LOL. 

Lesson 4: Track EVERYTHING no matter the calories. I think I mentioned this before, I treat my calorie tracker like a checkbook, so I know when I go into the red. But, the problem lately is that I’m not getting my workouts in to get me back to black. Need to change that. 

At the end of the day this is a journey so I should expect the ups and downs, twists and turns. Of course, I know it is ok for me to be frustrated too. Without frustration, I won’t be able to change. I guess I am just hoping for some consistency and progress. Which won’t happen if I don’t keep going. Are you on your own journey? Are you like me and hit some roadblocks? I’d love to hear about it so we can support each other. 

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