Meet Carrie

I live in Seattle, WA and work full-time at Amazon as an Executive Assistant. I have a Masters and Bachelors degree in broadcast journalism. When I started college, I thought for sure I would be a famous sideline reporter, clearly God has a different path for me and you know what, I am here for it!

Which brings me to this blog. It serves a couple of purposes for me, one of them is to tap into my hibernating degrees. Another is an outlet to share with you how I am striving to find joy in the every day. Let’s face it… With everything going on politically, environmentally and personally, there is a lot that can bring us down. Which is why I think it is important to embrace joy and reflect on the things that make us happy.

My blog is a destination to help you explore, motivate and embrace the things that make us happy. I am excited to share with you what brings me joy but I genuinely want to help you have a joy filled day too.

I am truly blessed you are here.

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