Butcherbox: My Review

Oh my goodness, I have to share with you my love for Butcherbox. I started using the service in December 2019. I stumbled upon it when their ad popped up on social media. Since I love meat as part of daily protein intake I looked into it. A few things jumped out to me…

  1. The Quality and Selection
  2. Monthly Subscription and Flexibility 
  3. Price

After doing some more research and receiving 20% off my first order as well as lifetime free gifts of ground beef and bacon, I went ahead and took the plunge. Let me tell you, I haven’t looked back. 

What is Butcherbox

Butcherbox’s mission is to “make-quality meat more accessible to all.” They do this by rethinking “our” food system. Also, they are in “pursuit of a better way, one that’s focused on animal welfare, supporting farmers, treating our planet with respect and upholding diversity, equity and inclusion across our business.” Butcherbox’s mission is also why I was excited about being a customer. I like my protein coming from meat but I felt guilty not living a plant based lifestyle because of the impact on the environment. After learning about Butcherbox and their mission I have less guilt. Plus, the products taste great.

This is a subscription program that can be canceled anytime. Also, the delivery schedule can be adjusted as well. I order a box every other month. I really stock up my freezer so I always have meat available. To get started, I select the type of box I want.. I always do 12 Cut Big Box. This gives me a choice to pick which cuts I want from beef, chicken, pork and seafood. In addition, Butcherbox offers multiple deals including free cuts for a lifetime as well as holiday specific cuts, like turkey and tenderloin and spiral ham. 

Why I Love It
  1. Costs Less… Butcherbox cost me less money than buying meat at the grocery store. I also find the quality of meat is better than grocery stores. I also love that I can get butcher quality meat without stepping into a butcher shop. 
  2. Convenience… With the subscription service, I’m able to count on having a fully stocked freezer full of high quality meat every month. I also love that if I need to push an order out, I can do that too. Let’s face it, with travel and personal activities I’m not able to cook all the time so at times I’m behind using the meat in my freezer but that is ok with Butcherbox because I can adjust my orders as I need to.
  3. Great Gift Idea… Butcherbox also makes a great gift. I have sent boxes to my nephew and my parents as gifts so they too can have butcher quality meat in their freezers. 
  4. Helps me to embrace my love for cooking… Having meat readily available, I’m becoming more adventurous with cooking. I roasted my first whole turkey and I also made chicken noodle soup with homemade broth using a whole chicken. Products all from Butcherbox. 

Butcherbox is not just for meat lovers. They also have products for plant based eaters and now they offer dog treats which are a big hit in my office with all my puppy-mates. Before I head off for the weekend to cook a chuck roast, I have to share a funny story. When I first started with Butcherbox, I wasn’t staying on top of my orders and ended up with more meat than room in my freezer. I did consider getting a large freezer for my storage closet but decided to give all of the meat away. Definitely a lesson learned to be more aware of when my orders are scheduled to arrive and adjust my subscription accordingly. Now don’t hesitate, go checkout Butcherbox. Trust me, you won’t regret it. 

Until next time, have a joy filled day!

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